Photo Story

My idea was to show people and their pets at home.

Being a cat owner myself, and having had quite a few animals growing up I know the relationship between pet and owner evolves to something more.

I lived in Portugal for 7 years and when I came back to Canada, bringing my cat with me was very important. I felt I was leaving my friend behind. It was heartbreaking. So as soon as it was possible, I got my cat flown to Canada.

 I`ve also taken a day off from work when one of my cats was put to sleep. I was loosing my best friend.

Our pets become our friends, an extra member of the family. We care for them, talk to them, worry for them. They bring us comfort and warmth. They never complain. They are always there. They make us laugh and cheer us up after a hard day.

In my series I photographed people that were willing to show this special relationship with there cats and dogs.

I would have wished to show a bigger variety of animals but seeing the limitation of time, I went with the most common, which worked out well, because I think the viewer can better related to these relationships.








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